Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hiding out

I was on a tour/ride in a big old mansion, but I wasn't paying much attention, and instead was busy texting.  Someone said something to me about it, and I said, "But I've seen this movie before." Somehow I knew what was about to happen -- that the "tour" people were going to give us some hallucinogenic substance and pull some crazy shit to freak everyone out.  So when an emergency siren went off and snakes started crawling all over the floors, I very quietly stuck down to the basement where there was an apartment, locked the door, grabbed a crank-powered flashlight radio and a plate of food, and crawled into a cubbyhole I had built into a closet.  I also left a note for Redneckhunter (who I had left upstairs on the tour) in case something went wrong and I died in the closet.

So I was happily eating my plate of beef stew, in the closet, when I heard voices and footsteps coming down to the apartment.  So I crawled completely into the closet - behind the hanging clothes and under a big black blanket.  It was my friend Joyce and some men, and they apparently were the bad guy masterminds behind the whole thing.  I must have made a noise or something because Joyce decided to look in the closet.  I tried to hide completely under the blanket, wrapping it tightly around me.  She was literally poking the blanket, and trying to pull it up.  I was amazed she didn't find me, but at some point she gave up, and they all went back upstairs.

After things calmed down upstairs and Redneckhunter came back down.  I jumped out and gave him a big hug.