Friday, January 22, 2010

More bad movies...

I was in my college art class with Powers Boothe, my former drawing teacher. It was the first class and he started it off by having us watch a movie. He said it was by The Weinstein Company, but it seemed to be some cheesy soft-core beach movie. I was on the end of a couch, my friend Melissa was next to me, my cousin 1000yregg next to her, and Powers on the other end. I fell asleep during it, but hoped that the teacher was too far away to notice.

After that movie, he said we were going to watch 2 more film versions of the same archetypal story - one good film, and one bad film. I had 2 thoughts - 1) there was a plot to the movie we just saw? and 2) there's a film version out there that's worse?

His co-teacher then joined us. She looked like Thandie Newton and she wore a red cosplay Gothic Lolita outfit - red and flouncy with big white ruffles, a white bonnet and white apron. She sat next to me on the couch and started bouncing up and down. I said to her, jeez you're like some yappy little dog that humps everything it sees.

Virtual Reality Movies?

Continuing in the vein of being within a movie while not really being it, but rather still being a viewer, this time I was in a Charlton Heston movie. He played a Roman gladiator, and after an amazing feat of heroism, he walked right up to me (my character), looking the character I embodied right in the eye. I was supposed to be an elderly woman (his mother perhaps?) and Heston leaned in and kissed my character on the cheek. The whole time, I was in the character amazed at how lifelike the movie felt.

I had also heard about a project for a touch screen virtual reality experience with Brigitte Bardot. I thought to myself, hmm, no one's going to want to have virtual playtime with today's Bardot, so they must be using CGI and old footage to create this game/movie.

How I Met Your Mother

I was friends with all the people in How I Met Your Mother. They weren't real, they were still characters, and I wasn't an actor on the show, yet I was still there.

The premise of the show involved some forgotten events, and clues that reminded them of what actually happened. For instance, the fact that Ted found 3 plates of birthday cake reminded him that he had Barney were having cake in the hallway, when Robin came out with her own piece of cake. In my version of the show, everyone seemed to live in the same apartment building, so it was kind of like a dorm where people hung out in the hallways. Ted also had a set of another guy's clothes, and then he remembered meeting a cute curly-haired girl who had given him the clothes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Vague Recollections

Haven't been writing them down right away, so have not been remembering my dreams too well lately. But here are some things I remember:

Robert Downey Jr.
kissing Johnny Depp
Being in Japan and packing with my brother there.
My 13-year-old niece being little again.
Eating and feeling a little nauseous.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Euro House

Dreamed that I lived in my current apartment with 2 European guys (one blond guy with a black eye, one dark-haired with scruff - both Germanic/Scandinavian types). We had 3 single beds in the current bedroom, and there were always people hanging out in the living room constantly day and night. There were also multiple apartments on the floors above, and I couldn't keep straight who actually lived in the building or not. People were constantly coming in and out while I tried to sleep. I moved from my bed to one of my roommates, but didn't like it because it was a waterbed. At one point, I came out to the living room, looked out the large windows on our front porch - the sun was near the horizon, and I asked "Is the sun rising or setting - I've lost track of time..." Someone told me the sun was rising, and as I was staring out the window contemplating that I had stayed up all night, I noticed a guy taking my picture from outside.